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华文口试中容易读错的汉字 ( Chinese Words That Are Mispronounced Easily in Oral Test)

华文口试中的朗读考察了学生的词汇量,而有些词语是学生很容易读错的: 地 :用在动词前,表示怎么样做什么事情,要读 de 给予 (jǐ yǔ)  供给 (gōng jǐ) 得:表示不得不做某事,必须做某事的意思时,读 děi。比如:时间快来不及了,你得(děi)快点。 与(yù)会:参加会议 力能扛(gāng)鼎(dǐng) 劲(jìng)敌    苍劲 (jìng) 深藏不露(lù) 负荷(hè) 大腹便便 (dà fù pián pián) 刹那 (chà nà) 提防 (dī fang) 大都(dū )会      都(dū )市 厌恶 (yàn wù)  … Continue reading

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The Most Complicated Chinese Character with the most strokes

Many students who study Chinese find the hardest part of learning Chinese to be writing the Chinese characters (Hanzi). Although currently China and Singapore are using the Simplified Chinese characters, there still exist many mind boggling Chinese characters that are … Continue reading

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Chinese Tuition for Primary 1

The biggest headstart a child can get is at Primary 1, in the Singapore Education System. This is because prior to Primary 1, there is no standardized education system, and hence students have a varied depth of knowledge. After Primary … Continue reading

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