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华文口试中容易读错的汉字 ( Chinese Words That Are Mispronounced Easily in Oral Test)

华文口试中的朗读考察了学生的词汇量,而有些词语是学生很容易读错的: 地 :用在动词前,表示怎么样做什么事情,要读 de 给予 (jǐ yǔ)  供给 (gōng jǐ) 得:表示不得不做某事,必须做某事的意思时,读 děi。比如:时间快来不及了,你得(děi)快点。 与(yù)会:参加会议 力能扛(gāng)鼎(dǐng) 劲(jìng)敌    苍劲 (jìng) 深藏不露(lù) 负荷(hè) 大腹便便 (dà fù pián pián) 刹那 (chà nà) 提防 (dī fang) 大都(dū )会      都(dū )市 厌恶 (yàn wù)  … Continue reading

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Singapore Chinese Composition Tips

Here I will share some tips for Chinese Composition in Singapore. Hope it helps! 🙂 Know the Commonly Used Local Terminologies 1) Dengue Fever, a disease caused by mosquitoes in Singapore, is called 骨痛热症. Students need to know this phrase … Continue reading

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Benefits of Studying Chinese

(Also posted at: https://chinesetuition88.wordpress.com/benefits-of-studying-chinese-2/) Studying Chinese well has tremendous benefits from childhood all the way to adulthood. Here is a short list of the benefits of studying Chinese at all stages of life (with focus on the Singapore education system). … Continue reading

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