Chinese Tuition Singapore


Tutor: Ms Gao (高老师)

Ms Gao is a patient tutor, and also effectively bilingual in both Chinese and English.

A native speaker of Mandarin, she speaks clearly with perfect accent and pronunciation. She is also well-versed in Chinese history, idioms and proverbs.

Ms Gao is able to teach Chinese at the Secondary school level. She will teach in an exam-oriented style, but will also try her best to make the lesson interesting for the student.

Ms Gao graduated from Huaqiao University, which is founded by late Chinese premier Zhou Enlai.

Previously taught students from: NYGH (Nanyang Girls’ High School), RGS (Raffles Girls’ School), RI (Raffles Institution), MGS (Methodist Girls’ School), and many others.




(Preferably looking for students staying in the West side of Singapore)

Chinese Proverbs on Learning:

  • 读书破万卷,下笔如有神。(杜甫)
    Reading many books is the way to be a good writer.  – Du Fu
  • 聪明出于勤奋,天才在于积累 。 – 华罗庚
    Wisdom arises from diligence; Genius comes from accumulation of experience. – Hua Luogeng

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