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雍正帝:感觉自己萌萌哒! Interesting Facts about Emperor Yongzheng

雍正,即爱新觉罗·胤禛(1678.12.13—1735.10.08),清朝第五位皇帝。 近日,一组名为“雍正:感觉自己萌萌哒”的动态图片在网络走红,图片以《雍正行乐图》为基础,其中的雍正帝或是松下抚琴,或是穿着武士服与猛虎搏斗,或是临河垂钓,再配合轻松活泼的文字说明。 A group of nine flash animations of Emperor Yongzheng (1678-1735) accompanied by fun illustrations have gone viral, attracting more than 800,000 hits since it was launched on Aug 1. Internet users say the emperor is “cute”. 近日,九张配有风趣文字说明的雍正皇帝动态图片在网络上走红,自8月1日发布以来,图片点击量已经超过80万。网友纷纷表示,雍正皇帝“萌萌哒”。 最近,“萌萌哒”这个表达似乎很火,英文可以用cute来表示,而我们常说的“卖萌”则可以用act/play … Continue reading

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《末代皇帝》 The Last Emperor

The Last Emperor is a 1987 film about the life of the last emperor In China, whose name is Puyi. It was authorized by China to film in Forbidden City. It won Best Picture of Academy Awards.

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