Blueberry pancake (蓝莓松饼)

Original recipe :

It’s a special way to make pancake, because oven is used instead of pan.
I made some change according to the original recipe above:

Since I don’t have any weighing machine, I am not sure the accurate weight of all the ingredients I used.

Part A: 

Flour around 80g

Sugar around 30g

Baking soda  1 tsp

Salt  1/8 tsp

Mix all of them well.

Part B:

Egg  1

Milk around  150g

Yogurt around 25g

Oil ( I used canola oil) around 25g

Vanilla esscence  1 tsp

Mix them well.

Pour Part B into Part A. Stir till no flour can be seen.

Add some blueberries. Stir again.

Preheat oven with 190 degree.

Before put into the oven, spread some blueberries on the surface of batter.

Bake for 45 minutes.

Blueberries will burst and the house is full of fragrance. 

You can spread some icing sugar if you want.
Maple syrup will make it taste better.

How to cook Beef (pork) Wellington at home

My husband wanted to have beef steak, but we didn’t  have any at home. So I cooked Pork Wellington using the recipe of Beef Wellington. 

The result was surprisingly good. Pork tested very tender and juicy.

The following is an easy way to cook pork in this way:

1. Season the pork with salt and black pepper.

2. Since the thick steak tests better, I used kitchen twine.

3. Heat some butter in a pan.

4. Put the pork in when the butter is heated. And fry every side of the pork.

5. Frying is done.

6. Stir fry chopped onion, mushroom, and garlic. Add some salt and black pepper powder. ( I don’t have other spices or wine.)

7. Bacon at the bottom, mixture of mushroom and onion in the middle, pork on the top. Do remember to take the kitchen twine off.  

8. Roll the pork with bacon and make it a small bun. Wrap it tight and put into fridge for 30 minutes.

9. As to puff pastry, I chose roti prata, which is an easy and quick way.

10. Wrap the pork with roti prata.

11. Put it into fridge for another ten minutes.

12. Preheat oven 200 degree. You can make some decorative pattern on the surface if you want. Then brush it with egg. Put into oven for 20-25 minutes.

13. Dress the dish with some vegetables.
Enjoy your meal!


Easiest Way to Cook Sweet and Sour Ribs 糖醋排骨的简易做法

Ingredients:Spare Ribs, Cooking Wine, Sugar, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, White Sesame, Oil, Ginger.


1. Boil some water in the pot, and put ribs into it until ribs’ color turn white. Take the ribs out and put them aside to cool.


2. Pour some oil in a pan. When the oil is heated, put some ginger slices in it. And then the ribs. Fry the ribs till their surface turn golden yellow. 


3. Pour 1 spoon of cooking wine into the pan, then 2 spoons of soy sauce, then 3 spoons of vinegar, and 4 spoons of sugar at last. Stir fry to make sure ribs are coated with sauce. Pour in some water till all ribs are covered.


4. When the water becomes much less, turn up the heat. Spread some white sesame. Keep stir frying. The dish is done when the sauce is almost dry.


Pearl Ball (珍珠圆子)


ingredients: sticky rice, pork, salt, green onion, ginger, light soy sauce, black pepper powder
1. Soak sticky rice in the water for at least two hours. Take out and drain. 浸泡糯米至少两个小时然后沥干水。

2. Make minced pork. Put in some chopped green onion and ginger. Add some salt, light soy sauce and black pepper powder. If you like some other condiments, you can add as well. 把猪肉绞成肉馅,加入葱花姜末,盐,生抽和黑胡椒粉。按照个人口味添加,如果你还喜欢其他调味品也可以加入。

3. Make small meat balls with minced pork. 把肉馅搓成很多个小肉丸。

4. Let small meat balls roll in the sticky rice until they are fully coated with sticky rice.让肉丸在糯米里滚动直到外面沾满一层糯米。

5. Steam meat balls for around 15 minutes.上锅蒸15分钟。


Easy Way to Cook Butter Prawn 奶油虾的简单做法

My husband always keeps talking about how delicious butter prawns taste. So I searched for its recipe online and conclude an easy way to cook it.

Ingredients: prawns, curry leaf, chili, butter, evaporated milk, sugar and salt.


1. Clean prawns. (把虾清理干净)

2. Deep fry prawns. (Don’t throw away the oil after frying. Use it to cook some green vegetables like Cai Xin. It tastes very good.) (炸虾,虾油不要丢掉,可以用来炒菜心等绿叶青菜,味道非常好。)

3. Clean the pan and heat some butter with low heat. (把锅洗干净,放入一块黄油用低温加热)

4. When butter melts, put in some curry leaves and chili (my husband doesn’t like spicy food, so I don’t put chili in.). Stir them together and you can smell the aroma. (黄油融化后,放入咖喱叶和辣椒,炒出香味)

5.  Pour some evaporated milk with some sugar and salt and boil down. (倒入淡奶,并加入糖和盐,煮浓)

6. Put fried prawns into the pan. Keep stirring until the milk boiled dry. (倒入虾,不断翻炒,直至锅中汤汁变干。)


A Sweet Chinese Snack - Tang You Baba (糖油粑粑)


Tang You Baba is a famous snack from Changsha, Hunan. It is made from glutinous rice powder, oil, sugar, and water. And it is an easy-making Chinese traditional snack.

1. Mix glutinous rice powder and water. Then you get glutinous rice paste. (将糯米粉和水混合成为面团)

2. Cut glutinous rice paste into small ones in same size. (把面团切成大小相同的几个小面团)

3. Pour some oil into the pan. Fry small glutinous paste and get both sides of the paste fried till they get golden in color. (锅里放油,油热后,将面团放进锅里,煎至两面金黄)

4. Put some sugar, some brown sugar and honey (if you have) in the bowl. And pour in some warm water. Stir with a spoon. (在一个碗里,放一些白糖,红糖和蜂蜜,倒入一些温水,搅拌均匀)

5. Pour sugar mixture into the pan. Let both sides of the paste coated with sugar. (将糖汁倒入锅中,使面团两面都裹上糖汁)

6. Scatter some white sesame. (最后撒一些白芝麻)



Easy Way to Make Apple Pie (With Roti Paste) 用印度飞饼皮做苹果派

My husband is a big fan of apple pie. I found an easy way to bake apple pie with Roti paste by chance. And I tried it. It turned out very good.

So the apple pies I made are like this:

And the recipe is as follows: (from xiachufang APP)

In short:

1. Peel off one apple and cut it into small pieces.

2. Put some butter into the pan and heat with low heat.

3. Put Apple pieces into the pan when the butter melt, stir fry a little.

4. Put some sugar into the pan, stir fry with Apple pieces. (I also put in some cinnamon powder, which makes the failover better).

5. Break an egg into a bowl and mix well.


6. Cut a Roti paste into the shape like picture 6. Make it two equal square pieces of paste and some cutoff.

7. Brush the bottom paste with egg mixture.

8. Put Apple pieces in the center of the bottom paste. And surround them with of cut paste.

9. Top the Apple pieces with the other square Roti paste.

10. Pre the edges with a fork.

11. Brush the paste with egg mixture and make three openings on each paste with a knife.

12. Put into the oven. 180 degree, 25 mins.

Crispy Chicken Wings (Non-fry with the Oven) 烤箱版脆皮烤鸡翅(免油炸)

My husband likes crispy chicken wings very much. Yet, I don’t think fried crispy chicken wings are healthy. Recently I found a very good recipe online. I like it because no oil is needed. I personally don’t want to try those dishes need deep-fry. I don’t want my kitchen full of oil smell. 

The recipe is:

                                                          From Weibo

I make it simpler:

1. Clean chicken wings. I choose wing middle joint.

2. Massage chicken wings with salt and black pepper powder.

3. Crumble some cornflakes (cornflakes are better than bread crumbs, cause cornflakes are much crispier) 

4. Coat chicken wings with flour, then egg, and cornflakes at last. When put chicken wings in the crumbled cornflakes, you can press them hard to make sure cornflakes stick onto wings.

5. Put chicken wings into the oven. 180 degree, 30 mins (15 mins for each side).




Ready to serve:


My husband loves this version of crispy chicken wings.

麦片虾 Cereal Prawn

Recently, I found a recipe of cereal prawn on the internet. I tried it.

It is not bad, even though I used cornflakes instead of cereal, and green onion leaf instead of curry leaf.
The recipe is like this:

It is an easy way to cook cereal prawn.

Ingredients: prawns, cereal, curry leaf, butter, salt.
1. Clean prawns.

2. Pour some cooking oil into the pan, and deep fry the prawns.

3. Melt the butter with low heat. Put in the curry leaf, stir fry. Then put in the cereal.

4. When the cereal is fried evenly, put in the prawns. Stir fry a little and ladle out.

How to cook fried beef with scrambled eggs (如何做滑蛋牛肉)


Recipe for fried beef with scrambled eggs:

Ingredients:beef,eggs,green onion,salt, sugar,cooking wine,sesame oil,black pepper powder,light soy sauce,soy sauce,starch,water

1,prepare all the ingredients.

2. Cut beef into thin slice. Mix beef slice with cooking wine, light soy sauce, sugar, starch, water, and a spoon of sesame oil. Marinate for 30 minutes.

3. Mix eggs with a spoon of water, some cooking wine and a little salt.

4. Put some cooking oil in the pan. When it is 40% hot, put beef slices into it. Stir until beef is 80% cooked. Ladle the beef slices out.

5. Put the beef slices into egg mixture, and put in some chopped green onion.

6. Put some cooking oil in the pan and heat it. Pull the egg mixture with beef in to. Stir fry.

7. Turn off the gas befor egg solidify. Top the dish with some sesame oil.

8. Eat it.

According to the recipe above, I cook the dish like this:

It tastes quite good.