Blueberry pancake (蓝莓松饼)

Original recipe :

It’s a special way to make pancake, because oven is used instead of pan.
I made some change according to the original recipe above:

Since I don’t have any weighing machine, I am not sure the accurate weight of all the ingredients I used.

Part A: 

Flour around 80g

Sugar around 30g

Baking soda  1 tsp

Salt  1/8 tsp

Mix all of them well.

Part B:

Egg  1

Milk around  150g

Yogurt around 25g

Oil ( I used canola oil) around 25g

Vanilla esscence  1 tsp

Mix them well.

Pour Part B into Part A. Stir till no flour can be seen.

Add some blueberries. Stir again.

Preheat oven with 190 degree.

Before put into the oven, spread some blueberries on the surface of batter.

Bake for 45 minutes.

Blueberries will burst and the house is full of fragrance. 

You can spread some icing sugar if you want.
Maple syrup will make it taste better.

How to cook Beef (pork) Wellington at home

My husband wanted to have beef steak, but we didn’t  have any at home. So I cooked Pork Wellington using the recipe of Beef Wellington. 

The result was surprisingly good. Pork tested very tender and juicy.

The following is an easy way to cook pork in this way:

1. Season the pork with salt and black pepper.

2. Since the thick steak tests better, I used kitchen twine.

3. Heat some butter in a pan.

4. Put the pork in when the butter is heated. And fry every side of the pork.

5. Frying is done.

6. Stir fry chopped onion, mushroom, and garlic. Add some salt and black pepper powder. ( I don’t have other spices or wine.)

7. Bacon at the bottom, mixture of mushroom and onion in the middle, pork on the top. Do remember to take the kitchen twine off.  

8. Roll the pork with bacon and make it a small bun. Wrap it tight and put into fridge for 30 minutes.

9. As to puff pastry, I chose roti prata, which is an easy and quick way.

10. Wrap the pork with roti prata.

11. Put it into fridge for another ten minutes.

12. Preheat oven 200 degree. You can make some decorative pattern on the surface if you want. Then brush it with egg. Put into oven for 20-25 minutes.

13. Dress the dish with some vegetables.
Enjoy your meal!


Easiest Way to Cook Sweet and Sour Ribs 糖醋排骨的简易做法

Ingredients:Spare Ribs, Cooking Wine, Sugar, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, White Sesame, Oil, Ginger.


1. Boil some water in the pot, and put ribs into it until ribs’ color turn white. Take the ribs out and put them aside to cool.


2. Pour some oil in a pan. When the oil is heated, put some ginger slices in it. And then the ribs. Fry the ribs till their surface turn golden yellow. 


3. Pour 1 spoon of cooking wine into the pan, then 2 spoons of soy sauce, then 3 spoons of vinegar, and 4 spoons of sugar at last. Stir fry to make sure ribs are coated with sauce. Pour in some water till all ribs are covered.


4. When the water becomes much less, turn up the heat. Spread some white sesame. Keep stir frying. The dish is done when the sauce is almost dry.