How to cook fried beef with scrambled eggs (如何做滑蛋牛肉)


Recipe for fried beef with scrambled eggs:

Ingredients:beef,eggs,green onion,salt, sugar,cooking wine,sesame oil,black pepper powder,light soy sauce,soy sauce,starch,water

1,prepare all the ingredients.

2. Cut beef into thin slice. Mix beef slice with cooking wine, light soy sauce, sugar, starch, water, and a spoon of sesame oil. Marinate for 30 minutes.

3. Mix eggs with a spoon of water, some cooking wine and a little salt.

4. Put some cooking oil in the pan. When it is 40% hot, put beef slices into it. Stir until beef is 80% cooked. Ladle the beef slices out.

5. Put the beef slices into egg mixture, and put in some chopped green onion.

6. Put some cooking oil in the pan and heat it. Pull the egg mixture with beef in to. Stir fry.

7. Turn off the gas befor egg solidify. Top the dish with some sesame oil.

8. Eat it.

According to the recipe above, I cook the dish like this:

It tastes quite good.



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