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China’s Peking Opera Cycling Helmets in 2016 Rio Olympic Games 中国京剧脸谱头盔亮相2016里约奥运会

Women’s team sprint gold medal winners: Zhong Tianshi & Gong Jinjie. Gong Jinjie’s helmet : Mu Guiying. Mu is a legendary heroine from China’s Northern Song Dynasty. She’s brave, loyal and resolute. “穆桂英”——宫金杰。象征着实力(武艺)超群、机智勇敢,久经沙场,屡建战功。 Zhong Tianshi’s helmet: Hua Mulan Hua Mulan … Continue reading

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Meet The Chinese Primordial Power Girl – Fu Yuanhui  中国“洪荒之力”少女-傅园慧 

Recently, Chinese female swimmer Fu Yuanhui has become very very popular on the Internet. Cartoon images of her also go crazy.  I’m very satisfied. I have used my primordial  power.

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First Refugee Team in Olympic Games 奥运会历史上第一支难民代表队


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