China’s Peking Opera Cycling Helmets in 2016 Rio Olympic Games 中国京剧脸谱头盔亮相2016里约奥运会

Women’s team sprint gold medal winners: Zhong Tianshi & Gong Jinjie.

Gong Jinjie’s helmet : Mu Guiying.

Mu is a legendary heroine from China’s Northern Song Dynasty. She’s brave, loyal and resolute.


Zhong Tianshi’s helmet: Hua Mulan

Hua Mulan is a legendary woman warrior in ancient China. She took her aged father’s place in the army.

“花木兰”–钟天使 木兰替父从军的故事,中国人耳熟能详。《乐府诗集》中收录的《木兰辞》讲述了这个勇敢的女孩的故事。


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