Easy Way to Make Apple Pie (With Roti Paste) 用印度飞饼皮做苹果派

My husband is a big fan of apple pie. I found an easy way to bake apple pie with Roti paste by chance. And I tried it. It turned out very good.

So the apple pies I made are like this:

And the recipe is as follows: (from xiachufang APP)

In short:

1. Peel off one apple and cut it into small pieces.

2. Put some butter into the pan and heat with low heat.

3. Put Apple pieces into the pan when the butter melt, stir fry a little.

4. Put some sugar into the pan, stir fry with Apple pieces. (I also put in some cinnamon powder, which makes the failover better).

5. Break an egg into a bowl and mix well.


6. Cut a Roti paste into the shape like picture 6. Make it two equal square pieces of paste and some cutoff.

7. Brush the bottom paste with egg mixture.

8. Put Apple pieces in the center of the bottom paste. And surround them with of cut paste.

9. Top the Apple pieces with the other square Roti paste.

10. Pre the edges with a fork.

11. Brush the paste with egg mixture and make three openings on each paste with a knife.

12. Put into the oven. 180 degree, 25 mins.


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