Jackie Chan Famous “Duang” Song (With Lyrics and English Translation)

Recently, there is a famous song remix based on a shampoo advertisement by Jackie Chan, introducing the famous word “Duang”. I have posted the Chinese Lyrics and the English Translation below!

Chinese Lyrics: (Source: http://www.yue365.com/getgeci/12745/353220.shtml)
English Translation by ChineseTuition88
My Shampoo
Music: My Skate Shoes
当我第一次知道要拍洗头水广告的时候其实我是 是拒绝
When I was approached to do a shampoo advertisement, actually I declined
我跟导演讲 我拒绝因为其实我根本没有 头 发
I told the director, I decline, because actually I don’t have any hair!
导演跟我讲 拍完加特技 头发很黑 很亮 很柔
The director said that he would add special effects to make my hair black, shiny and soft.
加了一个月 特技 之后呢 头发DUANG~
After one month of adding special effects, my hair DUANG~
后来我经过也知道他们是 是假的 是化学成分
Afterwards, I knew that it was fake, has chemicals
我现在呢每天还在 加特技 加了特技
I am still adding special effects everyday
观众用完之后 不加特技 头发都~没有
After the audience used the shampoo, they don’t add special effects, they don’t even have hair
我的头发乌黑浓密 因为我 加特技
My hair is black and thick because I add special effects.
~我用完之后 根本没有这种头发
After I used the shampoo, there isn’t this type of hair at all.
这个就是 我用的 洗发液
This is my shampoo.
我的洗头水 特技特技加特技
My shampoo, special effects upon special effects
拍的时候 根本没有头发 假的假的
When I filmed the ad, I didn’t have hair, it is fake.
我的头发 是假的
My hair is fake.
~没有那种 中药的成分 拒绝中药 拒绝头发
There is no such Chinese medicine, I reject Chinese medicine, I reject hair.
观众用完之后 不能骂我 因为其实我 根本没有头发
After viewers use the shampoo, they can’t scold me, because actually, I don’t have any hair!
很黑 很亮 很黑 很亮 很黑很黑是假的
Very black, very shiny ,very black, very shiny, it is all fake.
是头发的特技 是化学的成分
It is hair’s special effects, it is chemical composition.
是特技的头发 脱发 脱发 脱发 脱发
It is special effect hair, drop hair, drop hair.
~加了特技之后呢 起码我的头发DUANG~
After adding special effects, at least my hair DUANG~
现在呢 我每天还在 加 特 技
Now, everyday I am still adding special effects.
我还给我成家班 加 特 技
I let my colleagues add special effect.
你们用完的时候 是拒 绝 的
After you use, it is rejected.
After I use, my hair DUANG~ DUANG~ DUANG~
很黑很亮 很黑很亮 很黑很黑是假的
Very black, very shiny ,very black, very shiny, it is all fake.
It is hair’s special effects.
脱发 脱发 你拍一个广告
Drop hair, drop hair, you film an ad.
特技 特技 是头发的特技 是头发的特技
Special effects, it is hair’s special effects.
很黑 很亮 很黑 很亮 很黑很黑
Very black, very shiny, very black, very shiny
是假的 是头发的特技
It is fake, it is hair’s special effects.
是化学的成分 是特技的头发
It is chemical composition, it is special effects’ hair.
乌黑浓密 在拍的时候 DAUNG~ DUANG~
Shiny and thick, when I film, DUANG~ DUANG~

As you can see, the lyrics are pretty nonsensical, but that is its main appeal, for humor!

Hope you enjoy the laugh!

This is the original ad:


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