Chinese “Numbers”

Chinoiseries 《汉瀚》

250 means ‘moron, stupid, foolish, etc.’ A rather mild tone, not a cursing word.

It is pronounced as ‘二百五 er4 bai3 wu3’ rather than ‘二百五十 er4 bai3 wu3 shi2’.

Many are often used on social media.

666 – Awesome

23333 (could be more 3) – similar to LOL

520 – I love you (similar sound of 我爱你 in Chinese)

1314 – All my life/Till eternity (similar sound of 一生一世 in Chinese)

7788 – almost (差不多)

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  1. That’s why Chinese students everywhere (China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and America-born Chinese, etc) are good in Math.

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