Founder of Alibaba Jack Ma Interview by Charlie Rose & Bill Clinton

Chinoiseries 《汉瀚》[中/英/日/韩/法]

(Jan 2017) Interview by Charlie Rose

Key take-aways:

Q1. Why called Alibaba ?
JM: I like “Alibaba, open sesame”. Internet is also opening opportunities.

Q2. What is your business philosophy?
JM: Customer #1, Employees #2, Shareholders #3. The conventional companies reverse these 3 priorities. When your company business hits difficulties, shareholders run first, but loyal employees and loyal customers stay with you.

Q3: Where are the business opportunities ?
JM: Today opportunities are everywhere if companies can solve problems faced by the customers. Alibaba’s value is helping the few hundred million SME (Small-Medium Entreprises) to sell their goods to the world. By helping customers (SME), they in turn help Alibaba growing.

Q4: Will Alibaba surpass Microsoft or Walmart one day ?
JM: Yes. Microsoft & Walmart are B-2-C business model, but Alibaba is bigger: C-2-B, bringing billion of customers together to force companies change their way of operating business.

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