Ivy League University Myths

“名校”怪现象 – 天下父母心 !

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Excellent lecture by a Princeton Professor: “Where you go is not where you’ll be “

This is the universal anxiety for all parents and students in Asian countries where there are limited university places: 500,000 universities for 7 million Chinese high school students, 5 for 50,000 Singaporean students, …

Even the USA reputed with world-class university education, the American parents too face the same stress when sending 17-year-old kids to Ivy league universities !

The Myths:
◇ 60% Cornell students (2nd and 3rd year) lamenting not getting into Harvard or Yale !

◇ Those admitted into top universities take things for granted by “coasting” in lectures.

Only 9% of top Fortune 100 CEOs went to Ivy league universities.

Key Points:
It is not which elite university you go to, it is how you explore these opportunities during your study there:
Diversity: people from all…

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