Cut a cake 1/5

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Visually cut a cake 1/5 portions of equal size:

1) divide into half:


2) divide 1/5 of the right half:


3) divide half, obtain 1/5 = right of (3)

$latex frac{1}{5}= frac{1}{2} (frac{1}{2}(1- frac{1}{5}))= frac{1}{2} (frac{1}{2} (frac{4}{5}))=frac{1}{2}(frac{2}{5})$


4) By symmetry another 1/5 at (2)=(4)


5) divide left into 3 portions, each 1/5

$latex frac{1}{5}= frac{1}{3}(frac{1}{2}+ frac{1}{2}.frac{1}{5}) = frac{1}{3}.frac{6}{10}$


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