Easy Way to Cook Butter Prawn 奶油虾的简单做法

My husband always keeps talking about how delicious butter prawns taste. So I searched for its recipe online and conclude an easy way to cook it.

Ingredients: prawns, curry leaf, chili, butter, evaporated milk, sugar and salt.


1. Clean prawns. (把虾清理干净)

2. Deep fry prawns. (Don’t throw away the oil after frying. Use it to cook some green vegetables like Cai Xin. It tastes very good.) (炸虾,虾油不要丢掉,可以用来炒菜心等绿叶青菜,味道非常好。)

3. Clean the pan and heat some butter with low heat. (把锅洗干净,放入一块黄油用低温加热)

4. When butter melts, put in some curry leaves and chili (my husband doesn’t like spicy food, so I don’t put chili in.). Stir them together and you can smell the aroma. (黄油融化后,放入咖喱叶和辣椒,炒出香味)

5.  Pour some evaporated milk with some sugar and salt and boil down. (倒入淡奶,并加入糖和盐,煮浓)

6. Put fried prawns into the pan. Keep stirring until the milk boiled dry. (倒入虾,不断翻炒,直至锅中汤汁变干。)



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