A Sweet Chinese Snack - Tang You Baba (糖油粑粑)


Tang You Baba is a famous snack from Changsha, Hunan. It is made from glutinous rice powder, oil, sugar, and water. And it is an easy-making Chinese traditional snack.

1. Mix glutinous rice powder and water. Then you get glutinous rice paste. (将糯米粉和水混合成为面团)

2. Cut glutinous rice paste into small ones in same size. (把面团切成大小相同的几个小面团)

3. Pour some oil into the pan. Fry small glutinous paste and get both sides of the paste fried till they get golden in color. (锅里放油,油热后,将面团放进锅里,煎至两面金黄)

4. Put some sugar, some brown sugar and honey (if you have) in the bowl. And pour in some warm water. Stir with a spoon. (在一个碗里,放一些白糖,红糖和蜂蜜,倒入一些温水,搅拌均匀)

5. Pour sugar mixture into the pan. Let both sides of the paste coated with sugar. (将糖汁倒入锅中,使面团两面都裹上糖汁)

6. Scatter some white sesame. (最后撒一些白芝麻)




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