How to clear choked kitchen drainage — DIY

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This is for landed house.
(A Singapore plumber charges S$200- S$250 per visit, some cases even for HDB houses.)

The kitchen drainage regularly choked after 6 months to a year, due to oily food residues, hairs or soils from garden (if sharing the common underground sewage pipe with the kitchen sinks).



The underground U-Tube design is a MUST by PWD authority to prevent mosquitoes. Water levels up automatically in U-Tube, provides a natural shield to the external sewerage drain, preventing mosquito breeding, insects and harmful gases from entering your kitchen.

Equipment: A drainage coil wire “Drain Snake”, 5 to 7 meter long, about the little finger’s thickness, flexible yet with enough strength to push blockage.


Powered Auto-feed Drain Snake


1. Find the underground pipe hole(s) leading to the sewage pipe which connects to the external sewerage. The choked area is near the hole, usually clogged by big…

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