QuYuan 屈原 Symmetry

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屈原 QuYuan (343–278 BCE) Symmetry:

1. “九天之际, 安放安属,
隅隈多有, 谁知其数 ?”
=> 天 (Sky) 和 地 (Earth) must be 2 symmetric spheres.

If 地 (Earth) were flat, then there would be (隅隈) edges and angles at the 天 (Sky) & 地 (Earth) boundary (九天之际).

2. “东西南北, 其修孰多,
南北顺, 其衍几何。”
=> 南北顺橢 = The Earth is ellipse (橢), with north-south (南北) slightly flatten.

几何 = Geometry

3. How did QuYuan know this advanced astronomy & geometry in ~ 300 BCE?

屈原 屈原

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