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陈景润 不是天才, 只是浓厚的兴趣和痴迷数学, 作出世界第一流的数学突破 1(+2) : 陈氏定理 。文化革命时他躲在臭气冲天的农村厕所里, 用卫生纸写下500页的Goldbach Conjecture证明 ! 为了保护他的手稿不被红卫兵烧去, 他被推出宿舍高楼窗外, 幸好电线挡住身体, 大命不死。后来医治他的女医生嫁给他…

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It said: “(The above) Prof Yang was a long time colleague of Chen Jingrun (陈景润). He revealed that Chen was, by nature, not a Math genius, his success in climbing the Math Summit was through sheer determined hardwork — especially during the decade long cruel Cultural Revolution when the intellectuals were persecuted — sustained by a very strong interest in Math.”

“Math journey is not a short 100-meter sprint but a 20-year marathon run.”

“He critised the crazy rush of Math Olympiad training in whole China, not only adding extra school burden on kids, it also kills their interest in Math.”

Note: Recently China government bans IMO training in schools.

Chen Jingrun (陈景润), a student of Hua Luogeng (华罗庚), proved in 196x during The Cultural Revolution: (1+2) Goldbach Conjecture.

Goldbach Conjecture:

Any Even Integer = 1 prime + 1 prime

eg. 12 = 5+7 = “1+1”

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