Glasshole Cook

Google Glass Cooks.

Savoir Vivre -> 活学活用

With wearable such as Google Glass, you don’t have to flip the recipe book with one hand while cooking,  the Glass shows the recipe in front of your eye – so you become a “glasshole” or an “asshole” 🙂

Google Glass Explorer Story:
1. Korean Chef Roy Choi cooks the Irish food for St. Patrick’s Day:

2. A housewife cooks a Greek dinner with the recipe from google glass:!4C2E6C72-8E12-4D9E-A97F-DB269EF43567

3. Is Singapore ready for Google Glass?

4. Google Glass Explorer Edition 2.0 Unboxing and First Impression :

Wearable computer Google Glass is still beta (only available in mid 2014 or 2015), the apps written so far are :
– Google Now (personal assistant to calendar schedule,  sport tracking, traffic, Google map for direction,..)
– Recipe software “KitchMe” 
– Grocery shopping

The potential is huge:
1. Think of a doctor or surgeon with Google glass to help him diagnose…

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