Alibaba Chairman’s Speech in Germany on “D-economy”

Chinoiseries 《汉瀚》[中/英/日/韩/法]

An English teacher failed in the ‘Concours’ (高考’科举’) entrance exams to top universities, an IT illiterate, much less Internet technologies, Jack Ma (马云) becomes a legend in China and the world in e-Commerce.

Alibaba is the name of thieves in Aladdin story. While still as a teacher in HanZhou (杭州) City, Jack Ma was moon-lighting as a chinese company’s debt collector to the USA. In his first trip outside China , he was shot by the USA mafia hired by the debtor company there. Fortunately the bullet did not kill him, he woke up finally from comma. That year e-Commerce was just newly born in the USA, he smelled first-hand the opportunity to help small-to-medium Chinese companies selling products & services to the world.

A Chinese proverb, “大难不死, 必有后福” (After a big misfortune if one does not die, he shall receive a bigger blessing). With 8 closed friends he…

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