Imagining China in 2023 – by Australian ex-PM Kevin Rudd

Chinoiseries 《汉瀚》[中/英/日/韩/法]

Imagining China in 2023 – China’s Domestic and Foreign Affairs:

Kevin Rudd, former Australian PM, educated in ANU with a Bachelor degree in Chinese language, speaks fluently in Mandarin. His son-in-law is a Chinese Australian.

In his speech he explained:
1. Xi JinPing’s “Chinese Dream” is different from the “American Dream”;

2. 2023 China will surpass the USA as the World’s Number One Economic Power;

3. The 2 major events: 2022 (Chinese Communist Party 100-year-old) and 2049 (People Republic of China 100-year-old) – what would China be ?

4. Close look at the Chinese powerful leader: Xi JinPing – “a man in hurry” because he has 9 years left to transform China – 20% of humanity – into a rich and developed nation.

All these China experts are no better than a Britain’s prisoner who, 200 years ago in a remote St .Helen island (@ 1816), already warned…

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