Prof ST Yau’s 邱成桐 Talk to Chinese Youth on Math Education 

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Prof ST Yau邱成桐, Chinese/HK Harvard Math Dean, is the only 2 Mathematicians in history (the other person is Prof Pierre Deligne of Belgium) who won ALL 3 top math prizes: Fields Medal (at 27, proving Calabi Conjecture), Crafoord Prize(1994),Wolf Prize(2010).

Key Takeaways:

1. On Math Education:
◇ Compulsary Math training for reasoning skill applicable in Economy, Law, Medicine, etc.
◇ Study Math Tip: read the new topic notes 1 day before the lecture, then after it do the problems.
◇ Read Math topics even though you do not understand in first round, re-read few more times, then few days / months / years / decades later you will digest them. (做学问的程序).
◇ Do not consult students in WHAT to teach, because they don’t know what to learn.
◇ Love of Math beauty is the “pull-factor” for motivating students’ interest in Math.
◇ Parental…

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