Pearl Ball (珍珠圆子)


ingredients: sticky rice, pork, salt, green onion, ginger, light soy sauce, black pepper powder
1. Soak sticky rice in the water for at least two hours. Take out and drain. 浸泡糯米至少两个小时然后沥干水。

2. Make minced pork. Put in some chopped green onion and ginger. Add some salt, light soy sauce and black pepper powder. If you like some other condiments, you can add as well. 把猪肉绞成肉馅,加入葱花姜末,盐,生抽和黑胡椒粉。按照个人口味添加,如果你还喜欢其他调味品也可以加入。

3. Make small meat balls with minced pork. 把肉馅搓成很多个小肉丸。

4. Let small meat balls roll in the sticky rice until they are fully coated with sticky rice.让肉丸在糯米里滚动直到外面沾满一层糯米。

5. Steam meat balls for around 15 minutes.上锅蒸15分钟。



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