Crispy Chicken Wings (Non-fry with the Oven) 烤箱版脆皮烤鸡翅(免油炸)

My husband likes crispy chicken wings very much. Yet, I don’t think fried crispy chicken wings are healthy. Recently I found a very good recipe online. I like it because no oil is needed. I personally don’t want to try those dishes need deep-fry. I don’t want my kitchen full of oil smell. 

The recipe is:

                                                          From Weibo

I make it simpler:

1. Clean chicken wings. I choose wing middle joint.

2. Massage chicken wings with salt and black pepper powder.

3. Crumble some cornflakes (cornflakes are better than bread crumbs, cause cornflakes are much crispier) 

4. Coat chicken wings with flour, then egg, and cornflakes at last. When put chicken wings in the crumbled cornflakes, you can press them hard to make sure cornflakes stick onto wings.

5. Put chicken wings into the oven. 180 degree, 30 mins (15 mins for each side).




Ready to serve:


My husband loves this version of crispy chicken wings.


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