LKY Vocabularies 英汉字彙

Chinoiseries 《汉瀚》[中/英/日/韩/法]

[LKY Vocabs used in books, interviews, speeches]

ex aequo: tie
ingrate: 忘恩
hoi polloi:  民众
stave off: 避开
kick the can down the road
loose monetary policy to fight downturn – essentially, printing dollars.
devalue currency to make export attractive.
motley crowd: 烏合之众
crestfallen: 垂头丧气
pernicious effect: 有害影响
debilitating:        大伤元气
spurs on your hinds:
budge: 让步
cosseted: 娇生惯养
sui generis: (italian)  自成一格
ceteris paribus: 在其他条件不变的情况下
on the dole: 领取失业救济金
laid-back: 懒散的
self-effacing: 谦虚
assuage the fear 缓和害怕
outflank: 包抄
internecine: 自相残杀
derision: 嘲
raise head above parapet: 抬头
lisped: 说话口齿不清
defiance: 蔑视
luftwaffe: airforce (german)
polyglot community:  多国语言社会
keep on an even keel: 保持四平八稳
emerge unfazed: 出现未受影响
dribble with the ball 运球
beckon 招手
subsist on 维持生计
mesmerised 如醉如痴
enthralled 着迷
swindled 被骗
wherewithal : means
brash 性急的
brinkmanship: 边缘政策
send chills up the spines 发送了刺畏寒
dither 抖动
horde 部落
ex post facto nostalgia 事后怀旧
go against the grain: 反其道而行

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