Ratatouille (Fried) 干炒法国乡村菜

Savoir Vivre -> 活学活用




Two ways to make this French healthy ‘Rojak’ vegetable dish. 

The Taiwanese lady chef makes the fried Ratatouille, the other lady (see link below)  makes the stewed Ratatouille.

Once a while clear your fridge to cook ‘away’ all the left over vegetables before they get rotten to throw away. Even a small quantity of each type, all can add up to make a nice ‘rojak’ 杂锦法国乡村菜 –  stew with a can of tomato paste. It is a genius ‘symphony’ of vegetables.

This is equivalent to last time our mother’s 菜尾 (“cai-meh” or the “vegetables ends”) during the Japanese Occupation. Singaporeans then were so poor that the children went to wet market to pick those unwanted leftover vegetables from the veggie sellers, brought home for their mother to cook.

I found the stewed Ratatouille taste nicer on the 2nd or 3rd day (keep in the fridge over night for…

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