Polyglot 通晓多国语言

Chinoiseries 《汉瀚》[中/英/日/韩/法]

Felix学土耳其和韩语, 不知为何脑海里总会把它们混在一起。

原来土耳其, 蒙古, 日本, 韩语同个体系:
阿尔泰语: Altaic (Turkish, Mongolian, Tungus 通古斯语 )

文法特征: “S-O-V”: Subject-Object-Verb
I studentam.
저는 학생 입니다 (韩)
私は学生です (日)

特异文法: 助词 Particles
는 = は (subject particle)

Note: In the “S-O-V” structure, without the subject / object particle it would be unclear :
“He eats fish” or
“Fish eats him.”

Polyglot discussions: Felix in Brussels, Mandarin…:

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