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Singapore Chinese Composition Tips

Here I will share some tips for Chinese Composition in Singapore. Hope it helps! 🙂 Know the Commonly Used Local Terminologies 1) Dengue Fever, a disease caused by mosquitoes in Singapore, is called 骨痛热症. Students need to know this phrase … Continue reading

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Benefits of Studying Chinese

(Also posted at: Studying Chinese well has tremendous benefits from childhood all the way to adulthood. Here is a short list of the benefits of studying Chinese at all stages of life (with focus on the Singapore education system). … Continue reading

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Speak Mandarin Campaign Singapore (Kids speaking Mandarin)

Check out this amazing video of kids (of non-Chinese descent) speaking perfect Mandarin! They are really a role model for all kids learning Chinese, and is perfect evidence of why it is a good idea to learn and master Chinese … Continue reading

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Free Exam Papers (Chinese / Higher Chinese)

For primary level Free Exam Papers (Chinese / Higher Chinese), check out the following website: They do have Free Exam Papers for other subjects (English / Maths / Science) as well, from Primary 1 to Primary 6. Higher Chinese … Continue reading

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Lee Kuan Yew’s Chinese Tutor

Source: Read more about late Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s lifelong desire to master the Chinese language, and how he was a ‘gentle lion’ to his Chinese tutor. Koh Hock Kiat, 54, is the former director of the Confucius Institute … Continue reading

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