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Jackie Chan Famous “Duang” Song (With Lyrics and English Translation)

Recently, there is a famous song remix based on a shampoo advertisement by Jackie Chan, introducing the famous word “Duang”. I have posted the Chinese Lyrics and the English Translation below! Chinese Lyrics: (Source: English Translation by ChineseTuition88 我的洗发水 … Continue reading

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Chinese Remainder Theorem History (韩信点兵)

淮安民间传说着一则故事——“韩信点兵”,其次有成语“韩信点兵,多多益善”。韩信带1500名兵士打仗,战死四五百人,站3人一排,多出2人;站5人一排,多出4人;站7人一排,多出6人。韩信马上说出人数:1049。 Translation: In Ancient China, there was a General named Han Xin, who led an army of 1500 soldiers in a battle. An estimated 400-500 soldiers died in the battle. When the soldiers stood 3 in a row, there were … Continue reading

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Best Free Chinese Dictionary App

If you are looking for a Chinese Dictionary App on your mobile phone, do check out Pleco! It is a very good Chinese Dictionary, and best of all it is free! iOS Pleco (For iPhone, iPad): An immensely powerful … Continue reading

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The Most Complicated Chinese Character with the most strokes

Many students who study Chinese find the hardest part of learning Chinese to be writing the Chinese characters (Hanzi). Although currently China and Singapore are using the Simplified Chinese characters, there still exist many mind boggling Chinese characters that are … Continue reading

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A Chinese Poem that is also a Riddle

远看山有色, 近听水无声。 春去花还在, 人来鸟不惊。 – 王维 Wang Wei Translation (Original Translation!): From afar, the mountain has radiant colours. However, the river is silent even when near. Although spring is gone, the flowers remain blossoming, And the birds do not fear … Continue reading

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O Level Chinese and Higher Chinese Syllabus

O Level Chinese Syllabus: O Level Higher Chinese Syllabus:

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Chinese Tuition for Primary 1

The biggest headstart a child can get is at Primary 1, in the Singapore Education System. This is because prior to Primary 1, there is no standardized education system, and hence students have a varied depth of knowledge. After Primary … Continue reading

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Singapore Chinese Composition Tips

Here I will share some tips for Chinese Composition in Singapore. Hope it helps! 🙂 Know the Commonly Used Local Terminologies 1) Dengue Fever, a disease caused by mosquitoes in Singapore, is called 骨痛热症. Students need to know this phrase … Continue reading

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Benefits of Studying Chinese

(Also posted at: Studying Chinese well has tremendous benefits from childhood all the way to adulthood. Here is a short list of the benefits of studying Chinese at all stages of life (with focus on the Singapore education system). … Continue reading

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Speak Mandarin Campaign Singapore (Kids speaking Mandarin)

Check out this amazing video of kids (of non-Chinese descent) speaking perfect Mandarin! They are really a role model for all kids learning Chinese, and is perfect evidence of why it is a good idea to learn and master Chinese … Continue reading

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